Steel Fire Rated Roller Shutters

All our fire rated shutters are fully certificated and have been tested by Warrington Fire Research centre. Steel Fire Rated Shutters offer fire protection of up to 4 hours, and are used to section off and protect either part of or the whole of a building thereby protecting lives and goods.

They are supplied as electrically operated units and work as a normal steel shutter except when activated via an alarm signal, whereupon they will close the opening off and contain the fire within.


Most fire shutters are supplied with a Solenoid Release device which is activated via an Audible / Visual Alarm Panel which then holds the door open for a specified period of time before closing it under it’s own gearing.


Once the alarm signal has been de-activated, a simple press of the up/down button reactivates the solenoid release mechanism and the door returns to normal operating mode. For areas where space is at a premium, we can now offer a Fire Rated Tubular Motor Roller Shutter which comes complete with a Fire Relay which again activates the door upon receipt of a Fire Signal and drives the door down.

This unit can also be supplied with a battery back-up unit which will drive the motor and close the shutter should there be an interruption to the mains power supply. Both types of Fire Shutter can be used as a normal roller shutter to close off an area for security purposes.

These shutters can be Polyester Powder Coated to further enhance their appearance, should they be fitted in an area where they are part of the building.


Oak Security have installed many fire shutters in Hospitals, University’s, Schools, Offices etc, as well as factories, warehouses and distribution centres. For areas which need to be more aesthetically pleasing, or where space is at a greater premium, please see our range of Fire Rated Curtains.

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