Continental Aluminium Shutters

Continental Aluminium Shutters are an ideal alternative to our Steel Roller Shutters and are the most flexible solution to any opening requiring security. They come in a range of operating methods, including, electric, manual (spring assisted), Rod crank, or cord operated.


Continental Aluminium Shutters are a twin-walled extruded aluminium construction and are available in Solid, Perforated or Punched lath. They can easily be installed either Internally or externally and are commonly used in Shops, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Reception areas and Domestic applications. They range from a minimum width of approx 500mm, to a maximum width of approx 4000mm x 5000mm high.


Our Aluminium Shutters can be retro-fitted to your existing building giving you an aesthetically pleasing security product.

Alternatively, on new build projects, our Built-In System enables the shutter guides to be totally concealed within the wall cavity with the special closers and the shutter coil is housed within the bespoke lintel system enabling the shutters to be completely out of sight when not in use. Being Built-In, they are therefore extremely difficult to attack and are a very effective security option as well as complying with local planning regulations.


Electrically operated shutters can be independently switched or operated via group command modules and are complete with mechanical manual overrides for use in the event of a power failure. Battery back-up systems can also be supplied to these shutters, therefore eliminating the need for mechanical manual overrides.

Continental Aluminium Shutters due to being twin-walled also give great thermal insulation qualities, and can also be used as sun screens in problematic areas in schools, offices etc.

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