Industrial Roller Shutters

All our Industrial Roller Shutters are built to comply with all current legislations and are manufactured to the highest standards on our own premises to suit your exact personal requirements.


Oak Security Systems work closely with Architects, Builders, and Shopfitters etc, to ensure that the correct door is specified every time for ease of use to the end customer. The Industrial Door Range is for heavier duty doors and larger openings, not covered by our Steel Roller Shutter range.


Types of operation include:

▪ Single Phase Tubular Motor

▪ Single & Three Phase Direct Drive Motors

▪ Chain Operation


A substantial amount of our Industrial Doors are fitted with the Single Phase Tubular Motor which works sufficiently well for most openings, but where a more demanding application is required, a Direct Drive Motor is the preferred option.


These motors have a heavy duty rating and are able to run for long periods without “cutting out” on their Thermal overrides. Ideal for frequent use areas such as Car Parks, Loading Bays, MOT bays etc.


Each Heavy Duty motor has a built-in brake system to comply with current legislation and also have a low level override chain for use in the event of a power failure. Doors can be operated via a number of methods, including, up/down button, remote control or keyswitch, and can also be supplied with a number of safety features, including, Photo-cells, safety beams and touch sensitive bottom rail safety edges.


Industrial Doors can also be operated via a hand chain, which eliminates the necessity of having a power supply to the opening. On all Industrial Doors, normal Roller Shutter specification is upgraded to withstand the greater demands of the larger door, including, heavier Duty Barrel, Thicker End Plates and Heavy Duty Fixing Angles.

Industrial Doors can also be supplied with Wicket Gates which allow pedestrian access without the need to open the shutter.

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