Automatic Fire Curtains

All our Automatic fire Curtains are certificated for either 1 or 2 hour rating. They can be manufactured to any size and with multiple curtains, they can effectively cover any width of opening. Automatic Fire Curtains are a more compact alternative to our Steel Fire rated Shutters and are especially suited to clean hygienic environments or where space is at a premium.

Oak Security Systems have installed these units in kitchens, serveries, hospitals, schools, offices, factories, hotels and anywhere there is a need to contain fire. All our Fire Curtains have been manufactured and produced in accordance with the specification, which was submitted to the Warrington Fire Research establishment. The test was carried out in accordance with clause 8 of BS476 Part 22: 1987.

Fire Curtains are manufactured from a fire rated fabric (grey in colour) and are stitched using a Kevlar and Stainless Steel Thread. The box mechanism for the curtain to coil into, can be as small as 150mm square making it very easy to hide / disguise from view. The box and guides are polyester powder coated as standard in White, but can be any other RAL colour on request.

Fire Curtains can be tested whenever required via a key switch mounted on the control panel. This control panel houses the batteries which drive the 24 volt tubular motor and are constantly on “trickle” charge so that any mains power failure will not disable the shutter should it be required following an activation signal from the alarm system.

Fire Curtains can be connected into the local alarm system, or alternatively, Oak Security can supply this unit with its own Heat or Smoke detector. This method eliminates the Fire Curtain from operating under normal fire test procedures and will only operate on its own local detector system.

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